Exercise is motivation to age gracefully

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Have you ever met one of those people? You know the ones. They are the ones you want to be near, to listen to, to look at. There is a radiance about them. A glow. A magnatism. And then, out of the blue, you get their number. You’re how old? No way!

Now you may or may not have reached that half century mark, but whether you have or not, you want to make the best of the aging process. And exercise can help you do that.

  • Weight bearing exercises can help strengthen your bones, improve your posture, and guard against osteoporosis. Osteoporosis effects approximately 55% of American adults over 50 years of age.
  • Simple flexibiliy exercises will also (duh, in addition to making you more flexible), will aid in joint health, and make you walk taller and straighter. Flexible exercisers also reduce the risk of sprains and sore muscles.
  • Aerobic exercise strengthens your lung and your heart. That’s nothing new to you, I know. But did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of aging adults over 70? By exercising on a regular basis (an of course, watching what you put in your pie hole) you can reduce the risk for heart disease.
  • And don’ forget those little endorphins that are being released…they are going to improve your mental fitness and make you just a whole lot better to be around. You know you always feel better after you work out, well listen up! It is going to benefit you, not just for today, but in the future as well!
  • People of a healthy weight live longer. Another DUH! But as you age, this becomes an even bigger issue. Let your cardio work your heart instead of it working overload by carrying around your big old butt.

We all know the exercise motivation is increased when it is fun, easy, and rewarding. Keep that motivation going by knowing you are working your way to a longer, healthier, more worry-free life!


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