Re-commit your life to health and fitness.

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You’ve decided to make a change: you want to ramp up your exercise program to bring a whole lot more vim and vigor into your life with a new commitment to health and fitness.

A recent news item on the WebMD site, “How to overcome your fitness excuses and start exercising,” layouts an encouraging word or two on how to re-commit yourself to the inspiration—and perspiration—of the exercise life. The summary points are:

I don’t have the time:” It’s all about getting into the habit with recommendations of at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week (World users spend about 16 billion minutes a day just on Facebook.)  No need to make drastic changes to your daily schedule. Approach your exercise program in incremental steps.

“I’m too tired:” It may not feel like it at the moment, but fatigue can pass quickly with a demanding workout, thanks to the endorphins and better circulation.

I don’t get a break from the kids:” First off, multitask. And we all know exercise is good for the kids, so take them biking, or to the playground and let them walk around with you. Soccer mom? Find a few minutes to walk briskly around the field as you watch the game. In addition, of course, walk the kids to school if you can instead of driving them.

“Exercise is boring:” Find the activities you love doing and simply do them: inline skating, dancing or gardening? Just do it. Even think about joining a sports league for motivation, or a group to go exercise with. Most importantly, mix it up and you won’t get bored.

“I just don’t like to move:” Try a few ‘no-sweat’ activities like swimming, or in an air-conditioned room. A low-sweat activity that’s recommended is yoga. If you have physical limitations, check with a local fitness club or physical therapist for ways to keep moving.

“I always end up quitting:” Don’t set unattainable goals to reinforce your successes—no one likes to feel like their failing. Hook up with an exercise buddy, or even use Facebook to post your successes as you progress.

It comes down to making that commitment to change our lives by improving our health; too, a little help from a fitness app will add a level of motivation…and fun…to the whole experience.

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