Feed your gadget habit with exercise (and vice versa) with your Android or iPhone fitness app

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Look at your beloved Android or iPhone as one more platform to reach your exercise goals (with the help of our weight loss app).

Okay, admit it: you love that new Android or iPhone and can’t keep your hands off it. You’ve spent many happy hours learning what it does and programming it with your own settings, loading apps and setting up your social network with a network of friends and family.  The thought of having to do without your Android or iPhone brings up the same feelings in you that Simon and Garfunkel wrote in their lyrics, “Momma don’t take my Kodachrome away.”

Is it a habit or an addiction? (Maybe a little of both.)

The there’s that recent Huffington Post article “iPhone Turns Users Into Junkies, Study Finds,” which reported a Stanford University study where, “iPhone users are becoming so reliant on their iPhones that they are actually reporting being addicted…” Of the 200 students surveyed, over half “acknowledged an iPhone addiction.” The foregoing equally applies to Android users, of course.

No cure, but you can channel that “addiction” constructively.

Whether iPhone or Android, if you are well on the way to being hooked to your wonderful piece of 21st century technology, you can channel that gadget habit constructively, get some exercise, loose some flab and send your network of friends challenging text messages like, “Hey, couch potatoes, GOYB & JM!” (Get off your butts and join me!)

Exercise fun through gadgetry

If you’re one of those who simply likes to keep track of stuff through lists, stats, diaries, etc., with your electronic “toys” because it’s fun and easy — and, admit it, it fills a “need” — your iPad or Android are the perfect, portable tools to keep score and tick off of the melting pounds. Just about all of us need to take some time away from our technology and burn off some of that couch-potato starch.

Wanted: Some iPhone or Android experience helpful, but not required

You don’t have to be a pro or an exercise freak to enjoy the benefits of your new Android or iPod in monitoring your sweat equity.  However, we’re looking for experienced and dedicated Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad tablet users who would enjoy showing that pairing a gadget habit with healthy exercise is just the thing to convince your friends and family that your expensive gadget is actually much cheaper and more practical than an exercise machine that’s not nearly as fascinating — and yes addictive in a good way — as your Android or iPhone.

And you can feed that addiction with our own fitness app that works on the Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod gadgets. See our demo on our home page and download our fitness app. Try it; you’ll love it!

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