Fun Exercise Makes Weight Loss Easier

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It’s sad to say, but exercise has become a chore for many people today. When MSNBC asked some to share their feelings for the activity, they discovered that 32% responded with “I hate, hate, hate it!” Three hates, that’s pretty powerful indeed. Another 24% of that same surveyed population would only admit that they “tolerate” exercise. This 56% of the population is in desperate need of fun exercise. Let’s face it, everyone wants to have fun.

What then are the best ways to take exercise from grueling to enjoyable? Here are a few simple and fun fitness tips that can help you find the drive to make exercise a daily ritual in your life.

1. Join a team. A team’s shared experiences really bond the players together. A team becomes your community because you practice, play, chat, share, and encourage one another. When you are engaging in such a variety of social activities, you won’t even realize that you are “working out.” Your mind simply tells you that you are having a great time with you r friends. Plus, on those days when you don’t really feel like suiting up or pulling on your sneakers, your teammates are there to encourage you. Also, don’t worry if you don’t enjoy playing some of the more popular team sports like basketball, football, or soccer. Give dodge ball, bowling, or Frisbee golf a try. Find a team sport that really interests you.

2. Try something new. There are many exercise classes today that didn’t exist even ten years ago. Not all of them will appeal to you, but give those that do a whirl. Zumba is a Latin-based dance program that is sure to make you sweat. There are many variations of boxing; kick boxing is one of the most popular. There is even a hula hoop program that will w ork out more than just your hips. Your city is likely to have other new programs, so check around. Talk to your friends, read the paper, and call your local fitness centers.

3. There are some great weight loss apps available that motivate you to stick with your plan. Getting up and starting when you really don’t feel like it is the hardest part. Finding good weight loss apps that turn exercise into a game may be enough to tip the odds in your favor.

4. Find fun and adventure outside. If you aren’t that competitive by nature, maybe try hiking, running, or biking. These are old staples of the fitness world, but they are fun and it’s great to be outside. If you prefer the vigor of a race, see what is offered in your area. There are walking/jogging/running races, biking races, and even those that are ful l blown or miniature triathlons.

5. Rely on the crossover effect. Once you find some exercise that you enjoy, find a way to do it inside. If you love the rowing machine in your gym, try rowing in a lake. If you love biking outside, try a stationary bike inside. The ability to bridge the inside and outside worlds is particularly necessary if you live in a zone with great seasonal changes.

To feel passionate about exercise and to lose the weight you want to lose, you have to feel passionate about how you exercise. There are so many choices available today, so get out there and find the one that makes you want to say, “I love, love, love it!”

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