“The Pledge” Gets People to Exercise and Lose Weight in Support of Wounded Veterans.

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Take the Pledge to Support our Troops

Nexercise Partners with Pro vs. GI Joe to help U.S. Nexercisers Support American Troops by Using iPhone and Android Apps to Promote Exercise and Weight Loss to Regular People.

A couple months ago we were approached by another Greg.  Greg Zinone and his wife Addie are the founders of Pro vs. GI Joe.  In their own words, “PRO VS. GI JOE is a 501(c)(3) support-the-troops non-profit that sets up real-time video-game competitions, online and in-person, between professional athletes and celebrities, and troops stationed all over the world. PRO VS. GI JOE connects the two through online gaming and webcam chats, made possible with the help of long-term partner the USO, who facilitates the events for the soldiers overseas.”   Pretty cool huh?  It gets better.

They were in the process of setting up a program called “The Pledge.”  “The Pledge” is a great way for people to support wounded service members while getting in better shape. “Pledge” participants commit to doing 25, 50, or 100 sit-ups and push-ups, a few times a week, for up to eight weeks. Once the participant completes “The Pledge,” a corporate sponsor makes a donation to wounded warrior programs.

The Pro vs. GI Joe team realized they needed a mobile component to better engage users and provide a simple way to track and log activities. They evaluated a number of mobile partners and determined that Nexercise provides the most engaging and easiest to use solution (we agree J).  So they asked us to be part of The Pledge.

Aside from the fact that I share my first name with one of its co-founders, Pro vs. GI Joe resonated with me on much more personal levels.  First and foremost, our mission at Nexercise is to help people lose weight and get in better shape.  How cool would it be to motivate people to exercise and help wounded service members at the same time?  However, on an even deeper level, “The Pledge” touched my heart.  I am a veteran.  My father is a veteran.  My maternal grandfather is a veteran.  Half of my closest friends are veterans.  I have college classmates who have died or been severely injured in the line of duty.  For that matter, I could very easily have suffered a similar fate on more than one occasion.  As a result, I jumped at the opportunity to help wounded service members.

Needless to say, we decided to work with Pro vs. GI Joe to provide the mobile component of “The Pledge.”  Starting today, Nexercisers in the United States can sign up for “The Pledge” from within the app.  When participants log their first set of pushups or situps, they will receive The Pledge medal within Nexercise (and even get bonus XP in future sessions.)

We’re excited to be part of this program.  Like Nexercise, “The Pledge” is a movement.  The passion of the Pro vs. GI Joe team is off the charts just like ours.  We are not driven by technology or by fame or fortune.  We want people to achieve their goals and live better lives.  At the end of the day, that is what both organizations are about.  And that is why we are proud to present “The Pledge” to the Nexercise Nation.

Information on “The Pledge” can be found at http://nexercise.com/pledge.

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