Exercise for health and fitness, or smoke – You can’t do both!

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Trying to stop smoking for the sake of your health and fitness? Here’s an example of the good news and the bad news being just about the same, depending on how you look at it: The good news (and bad news) is that you cannot get to health and fitness and smoke cigarettes at the same time. Those two activities (fitness and smoking) are mutually incompatible. But the definitely bad news is that if you continue smoking, you’ll never achieve health and fitness.

Health and fitness banishes smoking effects

Sounds obvious, right? Well, it is now time to do something if you smoke and sincerely want to stop. Start exercising. What you may not have considered is that the exertion of exercising quickly flushes the adverse effects of cigarette smoking from your body. The shortness of breath you’ll experience at first is simply what the nicotine has done to your cardiovascular system. The coughing is nothing more than your lungs shouting at you, “What the heck are you sucking into me?!”

In sum, as you establish an exercise regime and continue your abstinence from smoking, your body recovers quickly: smoking and exercise are incompatible!

Another health and fitness benefit

Stop smoking and you’ll see your appetite increase; so you’ll want to avoid the weight gain many ex-smokers experience. You’ll avoid that weight gain by sensible diet, but mostly by exercise. The exercise will require a commitment and a lifestyle change, but, again the good news: Smoking cessation is a lifestyle change. Why not “trade” exercise for smoking, build up your exercise routine and keep track of your progress in both efforts?

Your progress in ridding yourself of a particularly nasty and harmful habit will accelerate once you notice that your previous shortness of breath and smoker’s cough are replaced by the ability to inhale air into healthy lungs and ever-increasing stamina. And here’s a bonus: weight gain and exercise are also incompatible!

Make it fun!

Along with counting down the days when you are finally rid of the nicotine craving, why not count up the hours in your new exercise routine? While you’re avoiding the weight gain (or are even losing weight!) in your quest to run away from the tar, nicotine and the over-500 nasty substances smokers inhale, Nexercise has just the thing to accompany your new regimen: our great exercise app that will be an immense (and fun) incentive for your upcoming healthy, smoke-free years.

Although smoking cessation is a lifestyle change, exercise doesn’t have to be arduous and boring.  Go to our homepage and watch our demo video and download our app for free. It works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  Network in with your friends, who will be happy to have you around for many more years of health and fitness.

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