Exercise Motivation Through a Weight Loss App?

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You’ve heard it before…eating right, fewer calories and exercise is the key to permanent weight loss. But how do you stay motivated?

Your mood can contribute to what you feel like doing. According to Jack Raglin, PhD, Indiana University, “lots of people skip working out when their mood isn’t ideal because they don’t have enough mental energy to switch gears.”

No matter how much you might love your exercise routine or Zumba dance class…when there’s been lay-offs at work or your girlfriend/boyfriend’s left you, you can be thrown off balance.  Dr. Raglan suggests the trick is to change things up…certain exercises will help deflect a down mood or enhance an up one. Feeling too happy can be as much of a deal breaker as feeling worried, angry, sad, or bored.

Sad? Studies have shown that even mild exercise, about 40% of your max heart rate, can lift your mood. If you’ve got the blues, try something simple like walking in the park, gardening, walking the dog…at the dog’s pace.

Angry? Well Kick-boxing may not be the way to go. Do something that involves your mind…take those thoughts in another direction, not your fists. Find a new exercise to learn, focus on that and not on what is making you angry.

Bored? Get out and enjoy your friends. Challenge them to some activity, a sport, a game, activity involving movement. Bike riding, a hike, a treasure hunt.

Stressed out? Turn off the anxiety. Do something repetitive. Walking on a treadmill may calm you, as it requires little to agitate your mind… and yet it is also physiologically beneficial. Play a fun computer game. You can raise your heart rate slightly or chill with easy competition, the competition from a mobile app game with others.

Happy as a clam? This may be all warm and fuzzy for you, but could make you just want to stay lolling on the sand all day. A real exercise/weight loss deal-breaker. This is the mood that’s best used to up your game. Add another mile to your run, challenge yourself, add more weights to your routine. Use those good endorphins to beat your record.

Nexercize’s mobile weight loss app is a perfect tool to engage your mind, whatever mood you’re in, and encourage your body to get a move on!  And it’s fun!

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