Nexercise N30X Challenge (A Nexerciser’s Story)

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Thanks for stopping in to take a look at the Nexercise N30X Challenge!  If you’re unfamiliar with how this all came about, I’ll fill you in.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine , Tony, challenged me to 30 consecutive days of exercise.  Never one to back down from a challenge, I accepted.  Since then, he and I both have been exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  The person who loses gets control of the other’s Facebook status updates for an entire week.  Do you see why neither of us wants to lose?!

At this point, you might be wondering exactly what Nexercise is.  Nexercise, in their words: “At Nexercise, we believe that exercise  doesn’t have to be boring, and that you don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle to be healthy. Being healthy is a mindset that’s 99% mental, not physical. The way we challenge traditional thought is by making physical activity more fun and rewarding through our free weight loss app. Discover a new and exciting way to get motivated, lose weight, and stay in shape. Play with friends, earn rewards, defeat challenges, and track your progress on the largest fitness mobile interactive game of it’s kind.”  BINGO.

My initial attraction to Nexercise came about solely for the fact that a friend of mine, Boomie, was involved helping develop and market it.  I was so impressed with the idea of a friend being part of such a cool start-up and I readily accepted when she asked if I would be interested in being a beta tester.

Nexercise is life changing.  I have a short attention span and I’m also a habitual “seesaw’ exerciser.  I’ll download an app that I believe will finally be THE ONE to keep me motivated and after a week or so of having to document every breath I take, I quickly realize that the app doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle.  Nexercise changed that.  I’ll admit to still having “seesaw” moments, but, it is the only fitness app that I have repeatedly returned to when I’m ready to exercise again.

I love the perks and rewards of using Nexercise.  They’ve partnered with mPoints so I now earn points for physical activity that I can use towards things like gift cards, donations, etc…  The two biggest rewards, for me, other than physical health, has been the friendships I’ve made as a result of the app and the “medals” I earn for conquering certain activities.  Believe it or not, Tony and I have never met in person.  We “met” via Nexercise and the Droid beta group on Facebook.  People often assume that we’ve known each other forever based on the constant ribbing and smack talking that transpires when the mood hits.

While writing this today, I saw this question on Mashable that led to an article that featured Nexercise:  “Can Digital Peer Pressure Power Your Workout?‘  My answer is “HELL YEAH!”.  Tony’s challenge is the reason I’m back on track with exercising right now.  Nexercise is the app that helps document our progress.    Nexercise’s “N30X” medal is one that is earned for 30 consecutive days of exercise.  My rival and I have both earned it before, but the stakes were never this high.

Tony’s Nexercise Journey

Kendra’s Nexercise Journey 


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