Habituation Can Make Fun Exercise Stick

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Habituation is something that many companies and products have used over the decades. Some things use addictive chemicals to make you use their product time and time again. Other products make it easy to come back again and again and continue to get rewards. Other products make it so that the only way you can make progress is to come back at regular intervals.

The act of coming back to something at a regular interval for the same or similar amounts of use, over and over again over several days, weeks and months is habituation. The more you habituate something, the more you are compelled to continue the cycle of repetition. Sometimes, this is a bad thing, like with smoking or games like Farmville that don’t benefit you. Sometimes this is a good practice, like brushing your teeth before you go to bed and after you eat breakfast. The more you practice doing something, the more likely you are to do it.

Exercise is something that you need to habituate in order to continue doing it. You can’t exercise sporadically and expect to get the results you want. If you work out only when you feel like it or when you realize you haven’t done it in weeks, you aren’t making progress. You need to habituate your actions, exercising at the same time for the same length every day, or every other day. When you habituate exercise, you’ll feel out of place when you don’t exercise, and start to see real results!

Using a system to make exercise fun can really help you get into the practice of doing exercise every day. It can break down the barriers between you and a healthy living cycle that will ultimately lead to making you the person you want to be.

The Nexercise weight loss app is a program that will go with you everywhere, helping to enforce the ideals of the habituation of physical activity. When you need a tool to help you bridge the gap between failure and ferocity or fat and fitness, choose something that you know is going to help you get motivated.

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