Five Ways to Find Exercise Motivation

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Exercise motivation is the mental root of all weight loss. Everything starts with having the right mindset to keep yourself motivated everyday to eat right and exercise on a daily basis.


Visualization is an essential part of weight loss because you have to train yourself to see your own body in a different way. You may be used to being a certain weight and now you have to mentally see yourself as the person that you want to be in the near future.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations help you break down the mental barriers to help you stay on track. You could repeat them three times a day every day to start seeing results. Affirmations are very personal in nature, but they will usually be something like “I am now in the process of losing 10 lbs.”

Find a Partner

Having a partner in this journey can help you face the challenges of weight loss head on. A partner will help you stay accountable to yourself and someone else. It is always different when other people will be involved in your weight loss journey. That is when failure will become more embarrassing.

Vision Board

A vision board is another way to help you lose weight because it helps you visualize the way that you want your life to be. For some, mental visualizations are not enough so having a physical vison board of images of the life that you aspire to can be even more inspiring. Cut out the pictures of the bodies that you want to have and you will find yourself reaching for that goal as you work out everyday.

Positive Rewards

Positive rewards are excellent because they keep you going in the midst of all of the challenges. It is important to reward yourself when you do something right. It could be a shopping trip, a cheat meal, or something else that you enjoy.

Motivation is the most essential but most frequently overlooked aspect of any fitness program.  Finding your motivation is the key to your success.  Without it, the first pain or setback will derail your efforts.  Hopefully these tips help.  Please share any motivation tips you have with us.


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