How to Lose Weight in the New Year

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Millions of people want to lose weight in 2013, but few will be successful. Why?  Because most of them will never actually follow through. If you are going to be different, you need to have the right resources and strategies in place to succeed. Here are some tips to follow in the New Year.

Create Weekly Check Points

Like plants, goals need to be watered and tended to. You don’t have to think about your goals every waking hour, but you should create weekly check points to see if you are making progress. If you check your progress during the week, then you can guide your course and see where you are going before you go off track.

Focus on Behaviors Instead of Outcomes

Our emotions and motivation rise and fall on results.  If we don’t immediately see results, we get discouraged and slowly but steadily fall off the bandwagon.  Unfortunately, many of us give up right before we would have seen a breakthrough.  Instead of focusing on how many pounds you lost this week, focus on how many times you exhibited the behaviors needed to reach your goal.  Did you exercise today?  Not yesterday, not last week, but today.  If not, you still have time.  Go for a walk around the block.  Do some pushups and situps in your living room.  Do some jumping jacks in your bedroom.  Do something other than letting this day get away from you.  Did you monitor your food portions today?  If not, don’t get discouraged, just make a mental note to do a better job the next time you eat.  If you spend time focusing on the key behaviors, the results will eventually come.  Rome was not built in a day your ideal body will not be built in a few short weeks.

Set a Target Goal

Start with a target goal in mind to have a vision about where you want to be. Don’t just write down your target weight.  Write down your target behaviors as well, and make them realistic.  Visualize yourself not only at your ideal weight, but also exhibiting the required behaviors to get there.

Focus on Daily Progress and Effort

Reaching a goal has nothing to do with the future. It is about doing what you need to do in the present. It means staying focused on a daily basis. For example, focus on eating right for the rest of the day rather than thinking about how long you have to stay on the diet plan.  Focus on getting to the gym and getting through the first 10 minutes.  Before you know it, 30 minutes will have passed.

Organize Your Resources

You absolutely must organize your resources to lose weight or get in better shape this year. This could mean purchasing the right equipment for your home, joining a gym, signing up for a personal trainer, or even getting a few weight loss apps to help you along the way.  Some of these things are costly, but others aren’t.  In fact, some of the best exercises are performed using only your body weight.  Ultimately, however, if you lack the proper tools, then chances are that you will not reach your goal. Give yourself the best chance to succeed and get everything that you need upfront.

It is very easy to get in better shape when you stay focused on it and the key behaviors during the year. Review your goals often and check your progress on a weekly, or even daily, basis.  People fail because they put their goals at the bottom of the pile.  Don’t be that guy or gal.  You deserve to have the life you want and can reach your weight loss and personal health goals.  But it takes time and consistency.  Come up with your plan and see it through.  Before you know it, you will start seeing the results you want.

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