Lose Weight With A Functional Fitness Routine

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If you’re struggling to lose weight, a functional fitness routine may be the answer. These workouts are fun, practical and burn plenty of calories.

Training for real life is the essence of functional fitness. You’ll be able to run for a bus or lift a toddler with decreased risk of injury. The intense, whole body approach will blast away calories. Rather than isolating each muscle group, as you do with conventional weight training, with functional training you will integrate body groups and learn to use multiple muscles and joints together. It’s challenging, but it’s fun. You can introduce tremendous variety into your routines. You can spice it up with exercise balls and other props or just stick to using your own body weight. In addition to all the flexibility and adaptability, functional routines also provide two key, awesome benefits.  They don’t require you to spend any money and you can do them anywhere.

To get started, all you have to do is think about duplicating the movements you perform in everyday life. Your workout may resemble doing the laundry or vacuuming the stairs. Typical drills here include lunges, back rows and torso rotations. Try balancing on one leg or doing pushups against a wall. Arrange an obstacle course in your driveway and take a walk around it. As previously mentioned, you can add in any equipment you want like fitness balls or yoga blocks to make things more interesting. Most people can start off with just their body weight but as you get stronger, you may want to add weights.

Emphasize developing your balance and using good form. Perform the exercise only for as long as you can maintain your form. Over time, you will get stronger and can extend your sessions.

Recent studies suggest that functional fitness routines are great for older people. A 2008 University of Wisconsin–La Crosse study found that four weeks of functional exercise training produced significant improvements in senior fitness levels. According to the study, volunteers aged 58 to 78 achieved more than a 10% increase in body strength and agility and an impressive 43% improvement in shoulder flexibility.

When you think about it, functional fitness just makes sense. Most of our injuries don’t come from sexy activities like rock climbing or mixed martial arts competitions.  Most of us get hurt picking up groceries or standing up after sitting too long.  We have to stay in motion in order to stay mobile and continue to condition our bodies for at least average everyday tasks.

Keep moving and Keep Nexercising!

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