Health and Fitness Tips for Parents of Young Children

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As the weather turns cold, it’s important to put aside 15 minutes every day to maintain your health and fitness and the health and fitness of your little ones.

As a parent, you know that fresh air and exercise are every bit as important to your children –  and to yourself – as a healthy diet for staying fit as a fiddle, and regular doses of them make all of the difference for building up resistance to colds, flu and other ailments that tend to creep up in the wet winter weather.

Except for in extremely cold temperatures and inclement weather, outdoor play should be at the top of the list for everyone – even for the young babies who benefit from outdoor strolls in their carriages.

The important thing is to dress everyone in the proper clothing for the weather.

Children should be donned in their winter gear, and that means layers.  There should be a base layer that fits close to the body, a looser layer for insulating the body so that it retains heat, and an outer layer that is breathable and water resistant.  The outfits should always be topped off with a stocking cap – to keep the body heat in the body, and good, warm socks in weather-appropriate shoes are a must.  For very young children, mittens make the most sense because they keep little fingers a little warmer than gloves since fingers huddle together inside the mitten pockets.

Keep in mind that it’s best to shy away from cotton clothing because cotton tends to get wet and doesn’t offer the same protection from the elements as wool or synthetic materials do.

And, when it comes to taking the baby out for a walk, don’t forget that warm blanket for extra protection.

So, bundle everyone up – including yourself – and go for a little walk or romp.  It’s all good.

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