Reduce Facebook-Induced Overeating With A Weight Loss App

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A recent study blames Facebook for causing certain users to overeat. If you think you fit that description, a weight loss app is one way to stay connected with friends without endangering your waist line.

For some people, interacting with close friends on social media raises their self-esteem and lowers their self-control. When they’re done browsing, they tend to choose unhealthy snacks. They’re also likely to spend too much. According to researchers from Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh, greater Facebook use and having many close Facebook friends was associated with a higher body-mass index and more binge eating, as well as increased credit card debt and lower credit scores.

Adolescents and young adults were thought to be especially vulnerable to these effects. The authors also expressed general concern about increases in the amount of time people of all ages spend on social media and the constant access enabled by smartphones and other devices.

Even if you have been following up your Facebook sessions with a powdered donut, you don’t have to give up your friends or your phone. Apps for weight loss and fitness like Nexercise let you stay on your mobile devices while you work out.

In fact, these study findings may have more to do with the universal problems of emotional eating and social eating rather than anything specific to social media. Try becoming more aware of your emotional triggers for eating. Reach for satisfying rewards that won’t strain your diet or your bank account. Take a long walk in the park or settle down with a good book in a warm bath. Engage in physical activities while you hang out with your friends.

Nexercise makes fitness fun. Play with friends and track your progress so you can all stay close online and improve your health at the same time.

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