Study Finds The Color Green Boosts Exercise Motivation

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If you want to increase your exercise motivation, try surrounding yourself with the color green. A recent study suggests that it will lift your spirits and leave you feeling less fatigued.

Researchers at the University of Essex studied a small group of college-age men to see how watching the same video in different colors would affect their experience of riding an indoor stationary bicycle for five minutes. The video depicting scenes of cycling outdoors was shown to them in three installments through a green, gray or red filter. Participants said the green version enhanced their motivation and enjoyment the most. They felt like they were exerting themselves less even though they were cycling at the same moderate intensity pace throughout the exercise.

Finding the motivation to exercise can be a struggle for many people so it’s nice to know that just a change of color can help. There are lots of simple ways to make your workouts more green:

Buy green exercise gear. Get a green water bottle and yoga mat. Choose green the next time you buy a bike.

Wear green. Put on a green t-shirt, sweatpants or sneakers. Olive looks sophisticated if you don’t like neon greens.

Re-do your home gym. Repaint the walls in green. Whatever space you work out in, you may be able to put more green leafy plants around you.

Exercise outdoors. Whether these effects are due to the color green or to natural settings, you can’t go wrong heading out to your backyard to play. If you don’t have a backyard, try the fitness circuit or track at your local park.

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