The Key to Successful Fitness Tracking? Make it Fun!

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Do you take part in fitness tracking for yourself or someone close to you? A study released in January by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that 69% of adults track their own health and fitness, or they utilize a tracking method for a loved one.

Among the many benefits of tracking your health and fitness:

1. It helps keep you motivated when you get bored with exercise. You have information documented that can help you chart your progress.

2. It can offer straightforward health data/feedback. For instance, many apps allow you to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, etc., for indicators of an emergency or at least a recommended visit to the doctor for further examination.

However, the study found that, while people are tracking their health conditions, they are not necessarily using digital devices or mobile apps to do so. Many people still use the old-fashioned method of a pen and paper to record changes in their health or fitness.

Currently, there are more than 100,000 fitness apps available for Apple, Android, and Microsoft operating systems. There are plenty from which to choose and customize, and the number grows each day.

According to a study by Northwestern University published in December 2012 by the Archives of Internal Medicine, after following 70 people with an average age of 58, those who used apps lost up to 15 pounds more than those who kept a log by hand.

Are you wondering how to make fitness tracking fun?

Make it a game, and choose a program that offers you rewards for playing, like Nexercise! Then, make it social. Become part of a fitness community, seeking out a support system or at the very least a workout buddy. You’ll find Nexercise to be not only fun but also supportive and encouraging. Try it today!

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