What inspires me (A Nexerciser’s Story)

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I thought I would take some time to think about the things that inspire me. When it comes to having Interstitial Cystitis, or any health problem for that matter, it’s very easy to throw up your hands and give up.  Understandable, but that won’t help us stay healthy or feel good about ourselves. So I took a little time after writing the title of this post and actually thought about “What is it that inspires me to keep going”.

First, the biggest thing that inspires me is seeing/hearing of others with “limitations” not letting them take over their lives. It gives me a different outlook. Gets me out of a “pity party” right away. When I hear of someone with IC (the abbreviation we use for Interstitial Cystitis), having pain but still taking a 15 minute slow walk, or finding something they can do or a healthy recipe they can eat that doesn’t aggravate their bladder and the complete joy they have because of that, it gives me that little something to get up and get going.

My family. Wow, they go through a lot with me with IC. Sometimes, I don’t know who has it worse, my family that deals with me having IC, or myself having it. But no matter what, they give me positive words and when I’m having really bad days, will always give me the love and support I need. And when I do something to workout on my bad days, they’re the first to smile and tell me “good job”.

Some friends of mine and I post in a group we put together every time we work out, go out and eat healthy instead of giving in, recipes, goals and accomplishments. We give each other a lot of encouragement. Whether we do good or have a momentary lapse, we’re there for each other, supporting and helping each other.

Not in vain, but sometimes I kinda inspire myself 😉 Obviously, there’s many days I lay there in pain and think, “I don’t feel good, I’ll just lay here all day”, but something tells me to get up and try to at least lift some light weights for my arms, or use my resistance bands for my legs or even just stroll up and down my street a few times (with IC, there’s days you need to stay near home. It affects the bladder so if you’re too far from home, well, you get the idea 😉 ). When I’ve finished, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

There’s times I look at people that can run and jog, and although I wish I could do that (I used to until IC), I don’t just throw in the towel. I look at them and think “I do miss that, but look what I can do. I’m lucky I can use the treadmill (or walk or lift light weights, etc.)” It’s a matter of looking at things in a different way sometimes. It’s not looking at what you can’t do, but looking at what you can.

Some may find it silly, but the tv show Biggest Loser inspires me. Its more the dedication the contestants have to themselves. At one time, many of them felt they couldn’t do anything when it comes to being healthy, and sooner or later, they realize YES THEY CAN!

The Nexercise app! I love that thing!!! The features such as badges are motivating. I like having that little extra “atta girl” added into my day.

So those of you dealing with health issues, tell me, what inspires you?

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