Health and Fitness Go All Pop Up

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The pop up trend that swept through high fashion and contemporary art has now reached health and fitness. More and more people are flocking to temporary destinations rather than limiting themselves to traditional gyms and exercise studios.

The options have been spreading over the past few years. Muscle Milk launched temporary gyms in Los Angeles and Miami in 2011. KiwiSweat, one of the best known names in the business, has held indoor cycling classes at the Museum of Modern Art and hosts regular Sweat Duels around New York City where battling instructors face off. Most recently, 305 Fitness got profiled in TIME magazine for their pop up workout parties now offered in New York and Rhode Island and scheduled to soon expand to Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Boston. What many of these ventures have in common is popular instructors with a devoted following, DJs or other musical entertainment, unusual venues, and extraordinary experiences.

You can find pop up classes in many major cities now. If they haven’t reached your town yet, try organizing your own event or introduce this same sense of novelty and variety into your personal workouts. For a change of place, take your yoga mat to the beach. Host a salsa party at your home and contact a local dance studio to get recommendations for someone to teach the steps to you and your friends. Instead of inviting a new co-worker out to lunch, ask them if they’d like to go cycling next Saturday morning. Even buying a new piece of gear can refresh your routine. Treat yourself to a set of kettlebells or just a new headband.

Wherever you work out, you can take Nexercise along with you and count on it to make exercise more fun. Our fitness app is free and lets you play with your friends and track your progress.

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