The Most Important Foods You All Must Buy Organic Today

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From Guest Blogger Sergio

If we were living in a world where everyone was extremely healthy then you would find that all of us would be down at our local farmers markets doing our weekly shopping for fresh produce, eating eggs that were just laid by our very own organic chickens, working with our closest friends and family to get whole entire organic cows, inviting the local farmers over for dinner every single week, and running about like crazy people in the local forests and woodlands to find fresh organic mushrooms. I’m sure you can appreciate that in this world we would all be active and healthy.

But however great this picture I’ve presented to you sounds, it just isn’t a realistic way for most people to live… and honestly I doubt that in this day and age that many people would want to live this way.

These days practically everyone can just get down to the local grocery store and pick up anything they want with a moments notice. This sort of convenience is something that few if any one of us would give up no matter how healthy the alternative way of life may be.

But that doesn’t at all mean that we don’t want to be out there making the best possible choices when it comes to the food that we eat. Of course we all want to get organic foods but at the same time we want to make sure that we are getting the best value for the money. The great thing about the list that I’ve put together is that you can literally find all of these foods down at your local grocery store. So trust me, you won’t be running around trying to find these foods.

So now let’s get right into it. From all the foods out there I’d recommend that you go organic firstly on the following…

1. Full-Fat Dairy

Dairy is one of those things that many people all over the world are intolerant to, however there are an even larger number of people across the world that consume some form of dairy on a daily basis.

If you are one of those people that does consume dairy on a regular basis then the best option would be to get it from a cow that has been 100% grass fed. But the reality is that this sort of dairy is hard to come by on the mass market so for the most part you are going to have to settle for organic at the very least.

The most important regulation out there states that cows that produce organic dairy must be getting at least 30% of their overall calories by grazing on fresh grass. So ultimately when you spend your money on organic dairy you can be sure that you are getting something that comes from a cow that had a decent amount of fresh grass!

You should also appreciate that ordinary cows are given food that is completely covered with pesticides and unfortunately all of these then gets passed onto the dairy that these cows produce.

2. Beef

The standards and regulations that I just referred to above with regards to organic milk, also applies to the cows that give organic beef. This means you can be sure that when you buy organic beef you are getting beef from a cow that consumed at least 30% of its total daily calorie amount from fresh grass. So at the end of the day you will be getting beef that not only contains far more nutrients but surprisingly tastes far better too.

Of course organic is only second to 100% grass fed but it is more common so most people are going to have to settle for it. Both of these are far superior to the conventional forms of beef that most people are used to eating.

Yes, the organic beef cows will have been raised up mainly on a diet of soy and corn but you can be sure that none of their feed will have been genetically modified or have a lot of pesticides in it! On top of that, government legislation also states that no organic cow can ever be given any sort of antibiotics or hormones!

3. Eggs

Next time you are in the store you should look around for eggs that have been produced by pastured chickens… these are the absolute best you can get and it doesn’t matter if they are organic or not. If however you can’t find them then your second choice should be to get organic eggs.

But no matter what happens you must make sure to avoid the ordinary eggs out there because the chickens that lay them are mostly on a diet of grains that are covered with pesticides!

Of course, the best option is pastured eggs because the chickens that lay them pretty much get 90+ percent of their diet from nature. So they are eating things like grasses and worms all day long… this is why it doesn’t matter if they are organic or not because most of their diet will be natural anyway.

4. Leafy Greens

The thing to note about leafy green vegetables is that they all have extremely large surface areas. Just take a look at all the most common ones in your stores, such as spinach and kale… both of them have large surface areas.

This means that when the farmer sprays pesticides all over them, the whole vegetable will pretty much get covered with it and trust me this is practically impossible to get rid of!

Of course when it comes to vegetables such as the carrot or potato, you can literally scrub those hard vegetables until you get rid of every last bit of pesticide… but unfortunately if you were to apply the same sort of force to leafy vegetables then you would end up with a bowl of soup!

As you are going to be consuming a lot more vegetables from now on, would you really want to be consuming pesticide covered ones… just imagine the harm that you will be doing to your body over the long term.

Let me just say right now that this isn’t a complete list of foods that you must eat organically from now. As with anything in life you should always be looking to improve, step by step… because that is the only way you are going to be able to see sustainable results over the long term. Just keep trying to add more and more organic foods to the list as time goes by and believe me your health will only improve over the long term.


Sergio just wants to help as many people as possible overcome hypothyroidism and get into the best health of their lives. If you’d like to read more articles written by him then be sure to check out where you will find a lot of interesting posts.

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