Fun Exercise Tip: New Ways to Workout with Your Dog

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Dog lovers already know that walking away the pounds or tossing a Frisbee around with your best friend makes exercising so much more fun. Now there’s even more ways to have fun while working out with your pooch. Here’s a roundup of the latest trends:

Gym Classes for People and Pets

More and more fitness facilities, like the K9 Fit Club, offer group workout classes geared for dogs and humans, according to a recent report from Reuters. If you don’t already have a dog, they’ll even work with a local animal shelter to find just the right pet pal for you. Some of the classes available include:

  • Bow Wow Boot Camp: just like it sounds — drills and more
  • Tai Chi Wa Wa: smooth moves and tail wags
  • Pupilates: pups and Pilates moves
  • Doga: dogs and Yoga stretches

Both humans and dogs benefit from the fitness classes. Besides the devoted attention you’ll be giving your pet, exercises like Doga can help prevent arthritis and injury in dogs as they age according to a LiveScience article.

Videos for Exercising at Home with Fido

If your pooch gets too distracted with all of the other pets around in a group class, home videos for you and your pet are also available. Try these fun exercise videos when your fitness routine needs a change up:

  • Yoga 4 Dogs by Amy Stevens: This how-to video demonstrates Yoga stretch routines for you and your furry friend.
  • My Best Friend’s Workout: Step up your dog walking routine with exercises for both of you along the way. Doggie age and size appropriate demonstrations are included.
  • Dancing with your Dog:< /span> has a variety of videos from beginner to advanced for learning dance steps and routines together for fun — or even as a competition sport.

Sometimes it just takes a little variety to make your workouts more fun and after a few doggie-and-me sessions, you may find your pup nudging you to get moving along too.


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