Get Fun Exercise with Bodyweight Workouts

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If you’re like many Americans, you want to get into better shape. But whether it’s a constrained schedule, tight budget, bad back, or simple lack of motivation, there’s always an excuse to put off that workout until tomorrow, or next week, or next month, until exercise fades from your daily routine and you find yourself in deteriorating physical condition. Obesity and other health problems are epidemic in America, and our sedentary lifestyles are quickly catching up with us. But if you think you need a ton of equipment, a state of the art gym, and four free hours to get in a good workout, you’re mistaken.

The best exercises are the ones you can do with your own body weight. Push-ups, pull-ups, pistol squats, sprints; you can work your whole body with these and other efficient and effective exercises that target major muscle groups and develop lean mass. An added bonus to beginning a body-weight workout routine is that, unlike traditional free weight workouts, these exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere. All you need is your own body and maybe a bar and you’re ready to go. Bodyweight workouts do not stress your joints and bones in the way that traditional workouts do and the many variations of bodyweight exercises allow anyone from beginners to fitness junkies to use these exercises.

Whatever your fitness goals, bodyweight workouts can help you reach them, either as the basis of an exercise plan or in addition to an established fitness routine. And whether you’re squeezing in sit ups during the commercials of your favorite show or hammering out a set of pullups before going to bed, you should know that the Nexercise fitness and weight loss app provides a fun way to stay motivated and keep track of your progress. This app is a social way to record your fitness activity, earn rewards, and share your goals and progress with friends: It’s a social network that’s good for you!

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