Racquetball May Be the Answer to Fun Exercise

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Some exercises can get old in a short amount of time.  The reality is that if you’re not having fun, you’re not going to be able to exercise well.

Fun exercise is a must: That’s what it all comes down to, in the end.

One special fun exercise nominee comes in the form of racquetball.  This indoor game is very simple, enjoyable, and it involves little equipment.  And if that’s not enough – it doesn’t even require good weather, as is the case with other sports (and particularly racquet sports).

Normally played with two or four people, you can even opt for a session alone in the racquetball court.  Any way you play racquetball, the intense nature of the game is apparent.  Even beginners are drawn into its competitiveness, where it also serves as a great stress reliever.

On the fitness end, it is one of the best cardio workouts that you can imagine.  Consider the following points:

  • A 180-pound man can burn more 840 in just one hour of competitive racquetball, according to a calorie calculator
  • You won’t master the movements of racquetball as with a treadmill; this keeps the cardio level very high as you adjust to the rigors of gameplay
  • Yes – you can tone your arms as you strike the racquetball all over the court with force

Racquetball is a fun exercise idea that is social, competitive, and relatively simple to enjoy.  All that it takes is a local court, a couple of racquets, and a ball to get started!

Take advantage of all kinds of fun exercises ideas to stay active.

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