Fun Exercise: Ideas for Both of You to Stay Fit Together

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Fun Exercise With a Buddy

The hardest part about staying in shape is having enough self-motivation to get up and move. Difficulty arises when you don’t feel like working out, because it’s easy to stay in bed when you’re not letting down anyone else except for yourself. However, when you have plans for lunch with a friend, you stick through with your word because you don’t want to let them down and because you probably want to spend time with them. Exercising with a friend takes the term “self-motivation” and turns it into something entirely different. Having an exercise partner takes the pressure off of your fitness goals and allows you to relax, work-out, and have fun all at the same time. The following activities are perfect for couples or friends who want to spend time together through fun exercise.


Grab your rackets and head to the nearest court for a few intense games of tennis. The back and forth movements on the court provide cardio, strength-training and a killer arm workout. Don’t be alarmed if your competitive side kicks in –it may help you work out harder without even realizing it!


Recreational biking can bring you back to your childhood and give you a great cardio and full body workout all at once. Depending on your where you live, there may be more bike accessible routes than in other places. However, the most important part is just about getting on your bikes together and going somewhere. Picking a destination such as a park or a beach gives you incentive to keep going and provides a great place to take a break before the trip home.


For those that have the luxury of living near a body of water, kayaking can provide an amazing upper-body workout. It also provides a different visual perspective on the world, something that is refreshing and rejuvenating for your mind. Solo kayaks give a little more freedom for independence, but double kayaks are a super fun and challenging team building activity that can help strengthen cooperation in your relationship or friendship.


What better place to get fit together than in the great outdoors! For those living in large urban areas, finding a challenging hike may require a bit of driving. Fortunately, the benefits of escaping a noisy city for the day will help you and your friend return feeling more relaxed and focused. Try looking up ratings of local trails to see their difficulty and length before you start. This way, you can set goals about what you want to accomplish and feel great about doing it together.

Remember to encourage eachother and be proud to have a friend who is willing to make an important lifestyle choice with you by his or her side. No matter what activity you and your workout buddy decide to choose, make sure that you are having fun with it!

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