5 Unique Exercise Motivation Tips

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Motivation Tips

Everyone experiences times when they have a hard time convincing themselves to exercise and think of every excuse why they can skip a workout. For those days when you can’t seem to get the word “no” out of your head, try these exercise motivation unique tips that will keep you motivated even on your laziest days.

Fit Bank

A great way to stay motivated is to create a Fit Bank. Every time you overcome a craving for a brownie or decide to exercise but don’t really want to, put $1.00 in your fit bank. Set a goal for your bank and once you reach your goal, go out and spend it however you want. For example, if there is a pair of pumps that you want but can’t afford, save up for them in your fit bank and you’ll be able to reward yourself and remember that  you worked hard to get this gift for yourself.

Photo Motivation

Do you have a photo of yourself when you were at your heaviest? Keep that photo in a place where it will remind you to get fit such as in your kitchen or in your closet to keep you motivated to eat healthy and exercise to meet your goals.

Track Your Success

Keep a chart on your refrigerator or on your desk to track your exercises. Once you’ve completed your exercises for the day, check it off on your chart. By doing this, you will be able to visually track your progress and success.

Test Jeans

Do you have a pair of jeans that used to fit but no longer do because you’ve gained weight and are trying to lose it again? Every few weeks try on those test jeans to see how much weight you are losing instead of living by the scale. One of the best ways to track your weight loss is by how your clothes fit. By trying on these jeans throughout your weight loss journey, you are keeping yourself motivated as your goal will be to fit in those jeans and once they fit again, you’ll feel great about yourself and know that you accomplished a big goal.

Say It Out Loud

When you’re about to start snacking, say out loud “I am eating this leftover pizza because I am bored, not hungry.” If you’re making excuses in your head to not exercise, say out loud “I am deciding not to work out because I am feeling lazy and ignoring the fact I need to get healthy.” By making these statements out loud, it will more than likely make you change your mind and you will exercise and not mindlessly snack.

Remember that getting healthy is 99% mental motivation. By using these exercise motivation times, you will be sure to meet your goals in no time.

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