Bringing Yoga to 3D: the iYoga Fitness App

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Yoga Post

Nowadays, you don’t need to go to class to do yoga. While yoga classes are still probably the best way to do yoga, not everybody wants to get up at the crack of down, drive down to a studio and be in a room with a group of people doing yoga. Thankfully, we have the good people on the mobile application market who enjoy doing yoga at home. Thus was born the iYoga fitness app.

This application is much more than a simple yoga app that regurgitates commands on which pose you should do next. It is an app that features full 3D images that shows you how to do each pose perfectly. What’s also nice about this app is it shows you which muscles you are working, and what muscles need to be focused on in each pose.

This app allows you to create new yoga routines as well. You are allowed your own editor, where you can go in and design your very own yoga routine. However, I should stress, that this function should only be used by people who are familiar with yoga and know how to create a balanced routine. For beginners looking to break into yoga, the app comes with preprogrammed workouts that are there to help you become accustomed to yoga.

The only fault I will give this app is it doesn’t allow you to go as fast as you might want. Vinyasa yoga is something that requires fast movement between each pose and each breath. This app only allows you to go so fast and some may find that a hindrance to their work out.

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