Health and Fitness Activities for Autumn: 4 Fun Ideas for Women

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Now that the outside temperatures are dropping, you may be thinking about renewing your routine with the addition of a few health and fitness activities. Well, we here at Nexercise happen to know of a handful that you may enjoy. Here’s a peek:

Health and Fitness Activity #1: Foliage Hikes or Runs

Why not grab a bottle of water, lace up your footwear and head out in search of autumn foliage? It’s a great way to burn off some calories, stretch your muscles and take in the amazing, seasonal show. You could opt to hike an unpaved trail or jog along a paved one. The choice is yours.

Health and Fitness Activity #2: Autumn Sports League

Signing up for an autumn sports league is another option to consider. For example, you may think about learning soccer or football. Other indoor/outdoor sports leagues that tend to take place in the fall are racquetball, volleyball, disc golf, field hockey and cross country.

Health and Fitness Activity #3: Fall Exercise or Dance Classes

Of course sports leagues are not the only activities that you can sign up for in the fall. Many facilities also offer autumn exercise or dance classes that you may want to get involved with. For instance, you could register to learn how to belly dance, salsa or kickbox. All three activities would provide fun opportunities to increase your health and fitness.

Health and Fitness Activity #4: Shopping Mall or Fall Festival Walking                          

Want to burn calories and get in a little shopping at the same time? You may want to consider developing a mall walking routine. There are a multitude of indoor shopping malls around the country that offer walking programs. Thus, you could opt to walk through the mall with a group or on your own. You could also choose to walk through weekend fall festivals, farmer’s markets or craft fairs. Either way, it’s a fun way to inject a bit of health and fitness into your seasonal schedule.

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