Weight Loss Apps Can Help Busy People Survive Fall Holidays

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For some of us, fall can be a challenging time to keep our weight loss and fitness goals in mind. That’s partially because we’ve got changes in our routine and the impending holidays to contend with. Speaking of which, two holidays that often give waist watchers trouble are Halloween and Thanksgiving. The good news is there are ways to get through the two with your fitness goals intact. Here’s how:

Download Our Fitness Tracking App

Start by downloading our fitness tracking app, Nexercise. It makes fall fitness routines enjoyable, rewarding and socially stimulating. Therefore, you’re more apt to make it a point to stay on track year round. While you are at it, be sure to encourage your friends to download the fitness tracking app too. If they do, you’ll be able to easily rejoice in each other’s accomplishments and compare medals.

Celebrate without Sugar

In addition, when it comes to surviving Halloween, you may want to consider celebrating without sugar. For instance, you could opt to hand out sugar-free snacks, whole fruits or non-edible items to your neighborhood’s trick-or-treaters. That way, you won’t find yourself gorging on unhealthy leftovers come November 1st. Non-edible Halloween items to consider are pumpkin stress balls, temporary tattoos, pencils, coloring books and colorful sheets of stickers.

Stock up on Water

Stocking up on and drinking water throughout the autumn holidays may also help. After all, it has no calories, will make you feel full and keep your hydrated. If you get tired of drinking regular water, you could jazz it up a bit as well. Examples include adding a few drops of fruit juice or sugar-free drink mix to each glass.

Experiment with Autumn Veggies

Lastly, consider adding more autumn vegetables to your holiday meals. Many of them are low calorie and nutritious. Therefore, it’s better to fill up on them rather than more fattening alternatives. One that you may want to try is broccoli. It is low calorie, fiber dense, vitamin rich, versatile and overflowing with anti-oxidants. Consider tossing it into egg white omelets, soups, salads and casseroles. You can also nosh on it raw as part of a healthy snack.

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