Fitness Tip: 5 Essential Secrets for Getting Better at Yoga Balance Poses

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It’s pretty obvious whether you’re improving with your yoga balance poses or not. Spend more time on your feet without worrying about falling over. Balance is a critical part of your well being that helps you move more gracefully, manage stress and avoid falls in your old age. Even better, it’s not hard to master once you know these 5 secrets.

  1. Relax your toes: Beginners often make the mistake of trying to wedge their toes into the ground to keep their bodies upright. If you get into position gradually and correctly, you’ll learn how to align your body so everything stacks up in a straight line. Then, it will take less strength to stay in place. Try spreading your toes out and distributing your weight evenly across all four corners of your feet.
  2. Lock your eyes on something: Pick out an object in front of you. Imagine a cable that travels from that object to a spot between your eyes. You’ll be amazed how much this steadies you.
  3. Schedule them early on: Doing balance poses early in your workout will help you to hold them longer. Warm up your legs for a few minutes and then target them while they’re still fresh.
  4. Reach out for support: Perform your exercises with a wall or chair nearby. It’s okay to hold onto something for support for all or part of your session. You’ll still be building up your capacity.
  5. Head outdoors: Once you’re comfortable with Warrior Three on shifting sands or a bumpy hill, the flat studio floor will make balancing seem a lot easier.

Working on your balance will help you shape up faster while you have fun with your friends.

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