The Bracket: Nexercise March Madness Competition

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Thank you to all of our amazing Nexercise users who submitted for the #MarchMadness competition, and congratulations to all who qualified!

Below is the final bracket, and the participants that will be competing in the 2014 Nexercise #MarchMadness competition. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Nexercise MM Bracket

Nichole V. – Washington Court House, OH
I am motivated by not only wanting to lose weight but I want to be in shape and show my son whom is 12 years old and 129lbs that ANYTHING can be done if u out your mind to it, stay FOCUSED and be DETERMINED!! I’m a role model for my son and I REFUSE for him to see me FAIL!

Betty R. – Dover, PA
I am needing motivation to get back to core strengthening and the gym. PT ended for me three months ago in a PT setting. Had open-heart surgery/ double bypass June of 2013! I am motivated in wanting to continue living a healthier lifestyle as well as continued control of diabetes without insulin, hypertension and high triglycerides. Also suffer from sleep apnea and it ALL runs in both sides of my family unfortunately! I am a walking miracle and thank God everyday for that second chance 😉 I am 51 years old, 5’4″ and now weigh 196. Was well over 235 when I started.

Colette R.
My age: I’m not getting any younger and I’m tired of being tired
My children: I need to start to keep up.
My husband: He never tells me I can’t only that I can

Jaynee G. – Roseburg, OR
I am motivated by…  looking at my before and after picture which shows my weight loss of 138# done in 1 year. Nexerecise gives me even more incentive because the mPoints that I ear go toward more music or videos to use while doing cardio.

Samantha B. – Washington, D.C.
I am motivated by my amazing roommate, who pushes me to be a better me and wanting a healthier life. Plus, I’m lovin’ arm day 😉

Wendy B. – Fort Worth, TX
I am motivated by not letting my type one diabetes stop me

Amanda K. – Ft. Polk, LA
I am motivated by my goals to be in better shape, increasing my PT score & showing my family anything is possible with perseverance. I am not the small model body frame but I can be fit and out endurance them as long as I continue training, having fun & getting overall better.

Amy R. – Anchorage, AK
I am motivated by my daughter. I want to demonstrate a healthy lifestyle of fitness and diet to her.

Andrea H.
I’m motivated by my amazing boyfriend. He deserves a beautiful girlfriend.

Anne I. – Hamden, CT
I am motivated by my strength and my determination to be the best that I can be.  Every day is a challenge and I accept it!

Annette H. – Hamilton, ON
Hi! My name is Annette I am 20 years old and a student at McMaster University! I am motivated by bad days, because they make for great workouts!

Anthony G. – Hendersonville, TN
I am motivated to make my hockey team next season after getting cut this season.

Ashley G. – North Kingstown, RI
I am motivated by my friends, my family, and my team. They push me to work harder and keep me from cheating myself out during workouts.

Belinda C. – Hudson, NC
MOVING! Nexercise has created a positive impact on my life to MOVE everyday. It’s allowed my health numbers for lipid & sugar to be lowered.

Janeth A.
I’m Janeth and I’m motivated to lose weight for my children. Teaching them good and healthy habits are my goal.

Brianna W. – Youngstown, OH
I am motivated by challenging myself to do better. I might not always reach my goal but at the end of the day I am satisfied knowing I did my best.

Candi O. – Kearney, NE
I am motivated by my daughter. My dad passed away 2 years ago & my daughter was very close to him. As a result she developed severe depression & gained a lot of weight. She was only 15 & got bullied a lot @ school. And as a result of that she tried to take her life. I was able to find her help & in the last year she has lost 50 pounds & is even on the schools powerlifting team. This last weekend she even competed in a state competition.

Carolyn H. – Washington D.C.
I am motivated by: Competition and the desire to be better than my previous self. Right now, I’m training for my first Tough Mudder in October!

Courtney H. – Bear, DE
I’m motivated by the fact that I don’t want to have to hide my body any longer and want to feel comfortable and beautiful in my own skin.

Angela A. – Taylor, TX
I am motivated by: the disease that took over my grandma life. She was struggling for years with diabetes, heart disease high cholesterol. And sadly lost the battle may 8 2008. I will not let her death be in vain. I am not going to let those diseases take my life. I am determined to break the cycle NOW. And better myself so I can help other people better themselves.

Devan S. – Dayton, NV
I am motivated by my friends and family to well but I’m mostly motivated by myself in striving for the best and the healthiest I can be! (:

Esther P. – East Falmouth, MA
I am motivated by the desire to keep myself as physically fit as I possibly can. Keeping my body fit leads to a healthy mind and soul.

Gilda M. – Chicago, IL
I am motivated by family history of obesity & I am determined to stay healthy and fit in my current 50s, and beyond!

Heather K. 
My motivation is a renewed sense of life. After my second miscarriage in December. I started losing hope of having a second child. I am grateful for having one beautiful, amazing, little girl and an amazing life. This is a path to accepting the things I can not change and having the wisdom to know the difference!

Illsa L. – Albany, NY
I am motivated by: All of my Nexer friends that I have made in the last 18months. They keep my going on days I don’t want to. They support me on days I need it, uplift me and make me laugh, but mostly I’m motivated by how good I feel after I’ve completed something I couldn’t do just one year ago. AHHmazing!!

Even if I win nothing, Nexercise has been a wonderful addition to my life! Thank you! 

Jamie P – Culver City, CA
I am motivated by drive to become healthier and my will to be the best nurse possible! Oh…and of course my love for Zumba!

Jay M. – Moyie Springs, ID
What motivates me? The fact that I’m not 25 any more, my body will waste away if I don’t stay active.

Jeanine S. – Dubuque, IA
I am motivated by the way I feel after working out.  The more active I am, the better I feel and my confidence soars.  I am motivated to make a positive change in my live and my family with healthy choices and moderate activities for all.

Jen T. – Chicago, IL
I am motivated by the fact that I have to overcome so many hurdles in my life. I want to inspire others who suffer from chronic pain and autoimmune diseases and show that it is possible to exercise, even if it isn’t the type of exercises we used to do before we were sick.

Jenifer M. – Hartland, WI
I am motivated by the desire to get back in shape.  I was very healthy & muscular until two years ago when mom was diagnosed with ALS, I resigned (job), lost sleep, cried daily, ate less and quit working out since this was taking away 9 hrs./ week from my mom and family.

Jennifer G.
I am motivated by the feeling I get after a great work out. I also enjoy the result from said workout. These are the things that keep me keeping at it each and every day.

Jennifer W. – Davenport, IA
I am a 39 yr old full time mom, wife and security officer. What motivates me is knowing that with every move I make my daughter is watching me and I need to be an awesome example.

Judith W. – 
I am motivated by: Primarily my daughter whom was, has, and is my miracle, she was born 3 months to the day premature,  after being In labor for eleven,  yes 11 Days, not hours. Additionally, I’m a 10 year cancer warrior being diagnosed with vaginal cancer day before 30th birthday,  due to Enbrel use. Although, a full hysterectomy later, I’m still here fighting another day, Thanks be to God.

Kate H. – Franklin, TN
I am motivated by my son and husband to be the best, healthiest, mommy and wife I can be.

Kathy D. – Levittown, PA
I am motivated by: My new grandson, wanting to stay healthy so that I can be active with him as he grows up.

Kayla C. – Centreville, PA
I am motivated to exercise by using Nexercise since it rewards me for being active. Without Nexericse, I would not have lost weight.

Kimberly B. – Frankfort, KY
I am motivated by my desire to live healthy, the goals I have set, and the image of how I want to look when I reach my goal. And extra motivation is all the support I have to do this!

Kristin B. – Culver City, CA
I am motivated by being a healthy role model for all of the children I work with.

Laura H. – Springdale, AK
I’m motivated by being a positive healthy role model for my students, colleagues and friends!!!!

Lorene J. – Greenbrier, TN
I’m motivated by my Cancer.. It’s been a rough road… chemotherapy has taken its toll. Nexercise has given me another chance, trying to get my life back, as it once was.

Lynnette B. – Bloomingdale, IL
I’m motivated by my daughter Krystle. She is my workout buddy and keeps me going. I want to be in shape 30/35 lbs loss by 08/08.

Margaret K. – Springfield, MO
I am motivated by the necessity for positive examples and role models. And I am motivated by my dad, who hasn’t had a lazy day in his life.

Michele H. – Minneapolis, MN
Trying to stay healthier & keeping my legs moving 2 stop more loss of muscle mass & decrease pain! Tracking w/others motivates me.

Nicole L. – Syracuse, NY

Tristan A. – Port Orchard, WA
I’m motivated by the up coming summer and want to get back into great physical condition like I was when I was competing in mixed martial arts and most importantly of all my general health.

Brian J.
I’m motivated to get back into my summer body after a long winter of bulking up and lifting hard and heavy. But now it’s time to slim down and show my gains, but as anyone that works out as hard as I do knows it takes a lot of dedication and motivation to hit your goals or close to it anyway. Well I really hope I’m picked for the Nexercise March madness challenge. Thank you.

Donna R. – Beaumont, TX
I am 52 years old and have degenerative bone disease. I am motivated by my 13 year old and my grandchildren. I have to exercise everyday just to be able to get out of bed.  I enjoy gardening and baking with my grandkids.

Nancy B. – Adamsville, TN
I am motivated by the fact that I lost 84 pounds over the past 2 years and I plan on keeping it off. I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life but I am DONE with that!

Joy R. – Huntsville, AL
I am motivated by the vision I have for my life!

Nicole B. – Evanston, IL
I am motivated by my daughter,  I want to be healthy so I can be there for her I don’t want by weight to be a restraint on why we can’t have fun.

Nikki K. – Ontario, CA
I am motivated by knowing I can always push myself harder and that my kids will see my strength and know that they too can always push harder.

Sidrina R. – Milford, DE
I’m motivated by my want to win our team mom challenge.

Aimee B.
I am motivated when I look at my baby girl and want to be healthy and at my best for her! #nolazymomma #settinganexample

Samantha L. – Rancho Cordova, CA
I’m motivated by my heart. It beats for my girls.

Sarah G. – Alpharetta, GA
I am motivated by my family.  They have been cheering for me my whole life. When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on my optic nerve. It impaired my vision and it was hard for me to do anything really active. After going through chemo for two years from age 4 to 6 it shrunk; however, summer of 2012, MRI showed growth.

Doctors didn’t know what to do.  Now I am on a clinical trial medication that breaks down my muscle and increases my CPK levels. Exercise is a burden. Thankfully, my family is still right by my side pushing me through. I am on my high school swim team (state champs for two years in a row!!!) and enjoy kickboxing and taking a stroll in the beautiful outdoors!  I’d like to thank Nexercise for giving me the opportunity to have a little extra motivation while working out and whenever I feel like I should just give up.  Ill do almost anything for an iTunes gift card!!!

Sarah W.
I am motivated by my boyfriend and my desire to live a healthier lifestyle.

Shannon P. – Riverdale, GA
I am motivated by my family and my sense of self worth.  For years my weight has ballooned up and down.  I have tried every fad diet know to man and always tried to get a “quick fix”.  In January of 2014, I decided to hunker down and focus on getting healthy.  I knew that if I stopped fixating on the scale and just focused on exercising and eating healthy, the weight would come off on its own.  As of today, March 14, 2014, I have lost 25 pounds.  There have been no fad diets and no obsessing about the scale.  I exercise 6 days a week and use Nexercise to motivate me.  Nexercise keeps me accountable and I owe a large portion of my success to Nexercise.  Everyone who wants to succeed in their goals should use Nexercise.

Shannon S. – Parsonsfield, ME
I am motivated by: The knowledge that I am making myself a better person. The work I am putting into myself to be the best version of myself body, mind, and spirit. The confidence I have found in gaining this perspective, understanding, and hitting new accomplishments. I am motivated by my children who I never want to suffer from poor self esteem due to childhood obesity. I hope they learn healthy habits that become routine rather then obsessive. And lastly, I am motivated by all those that have dared to call me an inspiration! Boy, I don’t want to let them down!!!!

Leigh D. – Lebanon, TN
I’m motivated by: not fitting in my clothes and wanting to.

Stephanie T. – Naples, FL
I am motivated by the fact of losing weight & for me to get back down to my healthful weight & sexy looking body!

Stephen F. – Kennesaw, GA

Terese D.
I am motivated by the fact that my wedding is a year away. 20lbs down 80 to go.

Tyler J. – Vestaburg, MI
I am motivated by my brother, girlfriend, and uncle. All of them push me to better myself not only as a person but as an athlete. Whether it be on or off the field, their expectations of me are always high. While exercising one of them is always there pushing and helping me achieve goals I would never be able to reach by myself. All three of them bring something different to the table each time. My brother convinces, pushes, and motivates me to exceed my goals and boundaries. My girlfriend is more protective and makes sure I use proper form, so I do not hurt myself. My uncle advises me on apps I can use to track myself, supplements I should take, and different exercises I should try. They have helped me stick with my training and I hope they continue to be my motivation.

Will E. – Anna, TX
I am motivated by my desire to be there for my fiancé and to see my nephews grow up. I’m done being the fat guy that can’t do things with family.

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