Fool Yourself Fit this April Fools’ Day

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Nexercise was created on the premise that in order to be healthy, you simply have to live an active lifestyle. That’s why we reward you for activities such as walking the dog, house cleaning and hula hooping in addition to traditional workouts. It sounds easy enough, but one of the biggest deterrents along the path of healthy living is staying motivated. It all boils down to motivation. Roughly 20 percent of people are self-motivated; the other 80 percent are not.

In case our March Madness challenge hasn’t been able to get you motivated, we have a different perspective that might help in getting you up and going. This April Fools’ Day, play a prank on yourself and fool yourself fit.

The visible, physical results from exercising can take up to 90 days to transpire, which is where a bulk of individuals lose motivation and give up. Instant gratification has become our way of life, making it hard to justify doing an activity for a long period of time if you don’t see immediate results. That’s where Nexercise comes in.

By providing instant rewards for exercising, we are rewarding you for good behavior (ie: running, yoga, Cross Fit, etc.) so the motivation is there before you see your physical results take hold. This April, if you need an excuse to get moving, use April Fools’.

Whether you’re motivated by points, gift cards, products, or the thought of a summer beach body, we all need a little push and a taste of instant gratification in order to find the motivation to continue an activity that doesn’t instantly produce results.

This Tuesday, let’s all take part in playing an April Fools’ prank on our brains and keep up our motivation to stay fit!

Happy celebrating!

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