How To Start An Effective Exercise Habit To Prepare for Summer

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Guest Post by Dennis Redley.

Staying fit, losing weight, and keeping ourselves healthy are some of the most common goals we’ve heard from people. All you need is an effective exercise habit to follow to ensure that you’re always on track with your aspiration. We have listed down everything you need to know to successfully pull a healthier and fitter you.

1. Set realistic goals

Forget perfection — setting realistic goals, especially when it comes to your exercise habit is a necessity. Fitness entrepreneur Joe Vennare said, “exercise is not about perfection, it’s about improvement.” True enough, setting an unrealistic goal can be your biggest downfall in getting in shape. The first step is to identify the reason for exercising. Is it to lose weight and meet your BMI? Or you want to tone your arms? This will then determine the right regimen to follow.

Second, make it simple and specific. Don’t complicate your program by smashing various exercises in one session. You must target one area per week. If week 1’s target is the upper leg, then week 2 can be the abdomen.

2. Find a comfortable place to exercise

You may need a checklist to accomplish this step. You need to consider factors such as the location, available equipment, the culture, the trainers and other reasons to find the right gym. These factors make working out less of a monotonous task. Some companies even have their own fitness center with trainers as part of their employee benefits. Tim Krohn featured Verizon Wireless in 2010 saying that their gym area is a popular perk for their employees. For a $15 monthly fee, their 500 local employees in Mankato, Minnesota can utilize the workout machines, weights, exercise classes as well as take advantage of the nutritional and wellness counselor at the Verizon wellness center. “What’s nice is that with the professional trainers on site, people can schedule time to talk to them and get one-on-one advice,” said Joe Hall, the company’s director of customer service.

3. Log your achievements daily, weekly, and monthly

To properly evaluate whether you’re making any changes, it’s highly required to log your workout sessions and food intake especially if you’re on a diet.  You must make it a habit to log your activities right away – meaning exactly after working out. Missing an exercise log could be be unfavorable to your success. WikiHow’s How to Start the Exercise Habit advised to keep it simple. “Don’t make the log complicated — that will only make you resist doing the log. Just the date, time, and what you did,” the article wrote.

4. Look for a reliable motivator

The most important companion you’ll need throughout this journey is a reliable motivator – it could be anyone or anything. If it’s a person, make sure that they inspire you to hit your set goal. Today, we will not be surprised if your chosen motivator is your smartphone. With applications like the Nexercise, you can easily finish your required physical activities daily without getting bored. The best part is that you get rewarded for your good deeds by getting discounts on healthy items.

Note: Remember that your reliable motivator must provide all the essential support you will need throughout your journey to wellness.

Out of all the tips that we’ve provided, the only thing that matters most is your willingness to change for the better. Without this drive, you cannot successfully move forward in achieving a healthier you. Don’t forget to seek advice from professionals before following any program. For other workout tips and tricks, follow our blog.

About the Author

Dennis Redley is not the most fit bachelor in the city, but he plans to be one someday. When he isn’t writing, he finds new ways to stay fit. Armed with the right mobile application and the goals to stay sexy, he may dethrone Brad Pitt or George Clooney as the ‘Hottest men alive’ (or at least the third best). Check his fitness success stories by following him on Twitter: @dredleyone

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