Ballroom dancing is a fun exercise

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Ballroom dancing is not only a fun exercise and a social activity to engage in but also has a number of health benefits. WebMD interviewed a number of medical and dance experts and came up with a number of conclusions.

Ballroom dancing counts as “moderate” exercise, something that adults are recommended to engage in for 30 minutes a day. Depending on the skill level and the type of dance being done, one can get one’s heart rate up and thus derive a cardiovascular benefit.

Also, depending on the dance and skill level, ballroom dancing is a good exercise to burn calories.

Since ballroom dancing is a weight bearing exercise it is a good way to build up bone strength, It also does wonders for upper body strength and for building up one’s core, the abs and back, as well as, obviously, the arms and legs.

Ballroom dancing also has a mental health element, due to not only the physical aspects of the activity but also the social aspects. Strenuous exercise tends to increase blood flow to the brain. The act of memorizing intricate dance steps tends to exercise one’s mental faculties. Since dancing is a social activity, people who engage in it are less depressed, have less stress, and are not as prone to being lonely as people who do not dance frequently.

A study that was published a while ago in The New England Journal of Medicine suggested that older people who engage in ballroom dancing run a lesser risk of suffering from dementia. Ballroom dancing, like other activities like working crossword puzzles, is a mental challenge that keeps the brain exercised and fresh, thus staving off the loss of mental faculties inherent with aging.

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