Fun Exercise: Couples Yoga

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Couples Yoga is an innovative practice that takes traditional Yoga—and puts it right in the heart of a relationship! Couples Yoga requires and builds trust, increases the energetic connection between you and your partner, nurtures harmony and balance, and creates a unique sort of physical and spiritual intimacy not found in another other type of exercise. By incorporating the forms, poses, and philosophies of Yoga, it also produces the same body-mind health benefits as individual practice, such as better breathing, muscle tone, and flexibility.

Couples Yoga ranges from easy and moderate poses to difficult poses that include body entwining. Even during the execution of simple poses, partners take turns physically supporting one another and activating different parts of the body and mind. Eyes meet, breath becomes synchronized, and body communication emerges. The more difficult the pose, the more honesty and courage partners must share with one another. Couples Yoga can also serve to deepen the individual practice of Yoga so that poses are reached more accurately, confidently, and firmly.

Challenges may arise when couples first begin to practice partner Yoga together, but as the challenges are met, the relationship itself begins to take on new colors and experiences that are very healing to the concepts of both individuality and togetherness. Couples Yoga may bring to light the relationship foundations and dynamics of control. It creates a physical interaction—outside of the bedroom—that nurtures mutual understanding, instruction, and playfulness. It’s like the ultimate couples therapy and fun exercise at the same time!

The primary principle of Yoga is union, and to experience this union, practitioners of Yoga master the art of calmness and connecting to the NOW. Couples Yoga takes this idea into new areas where partners can experience the bliss of NOW together. Try Couples Yoga to strengthen the bond you have with your partner and to help reach your fitness goals!

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