Health and Fitness: Morning Yoga Sequence

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There are few things more motivating than starting your morning out right. One way you can do that is by taking a few minutes while your shower heats up or your toast pops to flow through a short sequence of yoga poses.

You can do any sequence of poses that you prefer and are comfortable for your body. But if you are new to yoga, a simple sequence called Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is a great place to start.

The bases poses of this flow are:

  • Mountain Pose – Stand tall and sturdy, facing forward with your arms by your sides
  • Upward Salute – Lift your arms and your gaze upwards and stretch with your feet firmly on the floor
  • Standing Forward Bend – Bend at the waist and place your hands on the floor
  • Lunge – Shit some of your weight into your hands and step one of your feet long behind you
  • Plank Pose – Step the alternate foot back
  • Four-Limbed Staff Pose – Hugging your elbows in, lower yourself almost to the ground in a push-up like fashion
  • Upward Facing Dog – Flip your feet to rest the tops of your feet on the ground and straighten your arms, letting your hips sag to create a curve in your back (but keep your knees and thighs off of the ground if you can)
  • Downward Facing Dog – Flip your feet back over and lift your hips so that you look like an upside-down V

At that point, you step forward in another lunge on the same side and then return to Mountain Pose.

You can repeat this sequence as many times as you wish (or as time permits). For balance, I recommend flowing through it an equal number of times and alternating the foot used for the lunge.

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