Debunking the Gym – Sworkit Releases Game-Changing Update

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Whether you’re just starting to integrate fitness into your daily routine, or if it has been a part of your life for years, joining a gym is always what comes to mind when thinking of getting fit. But what almost nobody anticipates – and almost everybody experiences – is trying to surmount the learning curve that comes along with joining a gym.

To our dismay, joining a gym isn’t generally accompanied by a chiseled physique and the inherent ability to conquer every machine in sight. Instead, first-time gym experiences usually result in confusion on the machines, overwhelming exhaustion from new activities, being totally and utterly lost, and, almost always, embarrassment. Unless you can hire a personal trainer right off the bat, there’s a good chance your first few weeks at the local fitness center might feel a little uncomfortable.

Sworkit is trying to eliminate this discomfort by presenting users with the routines and the coaching they need to eliminate the necessity of a gym or a trainer all-together. Sworkit provides a series of customizable, personalized circuit- style workouts based on the type of workout you want, the part of body you want to work, and the amount of time you have – eliminating the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fitness center/coach.

Completely revamped today, Sworkit provides videos presented by real personal trainers to visually walk you through more than 169 workouts for upper body, core strength, lower body, cardio, yoga, Pilates and stretching. Verbal cues instruct when to move on to the next exercise, as if you were actually doing a workout with a personal trainer.

For a chance to win a free download code for Sworkit Pro, download Sworkit for free, and then Tweet us @nexercise or @sworkit and tell us why you want the pro version. 25 iOS promo codes will be given out to the first 25 answers submitted. Android users will be reimbursed.

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