3 Super Easy Tips to Improve Your Fitness Game

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If you have trouble squeezing all your daily responsibilities into your schedule, it can be difficult to stay on top of your fitness game. You need a routine that you can follow without creating a lot of hassle or taking up too much time.

Whether you want to say goodbye to your love handles or lower your cholesterol, a few guiding principles will help you to stay on track. Soon you will be celebrating the exciting progress that you make and looking forward to a new and better future.

Keep it fun: If you still have bad memories of high school gym class, you may be surprised to learn that exercise can be a lot more entertaining than climbing up a rope with sore hands and knees. Pick activities that you enjoy and share them with your friends. You could play a game of tennis before work or head out to the beach for an afternoon of volleyball.

Keep it simple: Basements around the world are full of big and expensive rowing machines now being used as a clothes dryer. You can get fit without spending a lot of money or making elaborate plans. Work more physical activity into the stuff you do anyway around your home and office.

Keep it convenient: Maybe you love the decor at the fancy yoga spa across town. Chances are you are not going to love the rush hour traffic to get there after work. Be realistic and work with the time you have. That gym closer to home could be a better deal and maybe they’ll buy fresh flowers for the lobby if you ask them nicely.

You’ll love knowing that Sworkit is fun, easy and convenient too. To make it even better, there’s also a free version.  So why not make it part of your fitness game?

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