5 Brilliant Zero Calorie Rewards to Supply Exercise Motivation

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exercise motivation

What is better than a delightful treat to reward yourself and keep your exercise motivation at high levels year round? Of course, it would kind of defeat the whole purpose if you celebrate a long run by wolfing down a triple decker hamburger or a big slice of cheesecake. What you need are non-food rewards that will indulge your senses without doing any damage to your waistline.

Exercise gear: Whether it is a stylish new outfit or a brand new pair of kettle bells, what could be more appropriate than workout supplies for supplying more incentives to work out? There is something at every price point so you can pick up a Frisbee or splurge or on a treadmill.

Great entertainment: Take yourself out to a movie or a stage performance. Enjoy a concert or pick up a copy of the latest title from your favorite author. Share the fun with a friend. After all, there are no calories to weigh you down.

Down time: Maybe what you crave most is a little time to yourself. Remind your spouse that you need and appreciate their support. Then, leave the kids in capable hands while you go settle down with a cup of tea or hunker down for a nap.

Communing with nature: Getting some time out of doors is another constructive way to reward yourself. Climb a mountain or take a walk. Plan your next vacation or family outing around an outdoor activity like scuba diving.

Kind words: Sometimes the best pick me up is a well-deserved round of hearty compliments. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you look fabulous.

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