5 Fun Exercise Ideas You Can Share with your BFF

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When it comes to fun exercise, everything feels better when you do it together with your BFF. After all, you both deserve to enjoy yourselves. Double the good times by selecting activities that you both love and create memories that you will want to revisit over and over again.

Sign up for a dance class: It’s natural to feel uncomfortable if you are the only one out on the dance floor. Find a studio that teaches a form of dance you always wanted to learn. Your BFF won’t be able to turn you down when she knows you need her support, and she won’t want to miss the experience.

Play a game of Twister: Remember that old game with the mat covered with colored dots you had to twist around on to position your hands and feet? If you can’t find your mat you can make one of your own and text your flexibility.

Walk on the waterside: Any walk is more fun when you have a view of the water. Maybe you have a sandy beach nearby or interesting shops lining a river walk.

Go horseback riding: How long has it been since you were last in the saddle? Look up the nearest riding trials in your neck of the woods.

Set forth on a photo expedition: You will not even notice how many miles you are hiking if you focus on getting the best shots with your camera. Record all the different bird species you can or assemble a collection memorializing the objects on your neighbor’s lawns.

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