5 Health and Fitness Tips For Office Workers

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Do you ever feel like your day job is causing problems for your health and fitness goals? You are not alone. Office work does not have to be hazardous to your waistline, but you may need the right pointers to finesse common booby traps lurking in the break room and in your cubicle.

After all, work takes up a big portion of our daily lives so it is going to have a big impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. This list of suggestions will give you practical advice on how to cope from 9 to 5.

Manage stress: Medical experts are learning more and more about the damaging effects of psychological stress. It turns out that many of the ailments we experience from stomach pains to skin rashes can be traced back to stress and the inflammation that it causes. Much of that tension builds up at work due to personal conflicts or heavy workloads. Find relaxation practices that work for you like meditation or massage.

Eat healthy foods: Vending machine snacks and frequent servings of birthday cake can pack on pounds. Keep your own nutritious treats in your desk or the office refrigerator like carrot sticks, yogurt and unsweetened cereal. Ask for a smaller slice of cake.

Get moving: Browse online for exercises you can do in your office chair. Take the stairs whenever possible. Walk to your co-worker’s office to talk instead of sending them a text.

Reduce infections: Are you tired of catching colds that are going around the office? Washing your hands and keeping your hands off your face is the best defense.

Talk with your HR department: Review your employee manual for possible benefits like discounted gym memberships. Learn more about your corporate wellness program or ask your HR department if they would like to start one.

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