11 Ways to Make Trail Mix Better for Your Health and Fitness

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trail mix health and fitness

Sure, trail mix can be tasty and convenient, but what is it doing to your health and fitness goals? Forget about the little packages at your local drugstore filled with candy and chemicals. Make your own treats. It’s fast and nutritious and you may even wind up liking them better than M&Ms.

Unsweetened Cereal: Whole grain cereal with no sugar added provides a great base for all kinds of trail mix recipes. Save money by buying generic brands in large bags.

Brown Rice Cakes: Brown rice is another grain that’s good for you. Crumble up a rice cake or two.

Nuts: Nuts are powerful superfoods loaded with protein and other nutrients. Of course, they’re also high in fat so just watch your portion sizes.

Seeds: Seeds have nutritional value similar to nuts. Some good choices are pumpkin and sunflower.

Dried Fruit: Dried fruit is also high in calories but adds sweetness. Rinse your mouth with water frequently to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Dried Peas: Dried peas have a delightful crunch full of protein and fiber. Their growing popularity makes them easier to find these days.

Seaweed: For an Asian spin, turn to dried seaweed. It dishes up lots of flavor and small amounts of calcium and vitamins.

Coffee beans: Coffee beans aren’t just for drinking. Indulge in them for snacking.

Spices: Any combination of spices can jazz up a bland mix. Try garlic or cinnamon but probably not together.

Ginger: It’s a spice. It’s a sweetener. It’s all of the above. Toss in some candied or crystallized ginger.

Dark Chocolate Chips: You don’t have to give up chocolate. Hit the baking aisle at your supermarket for dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips for more antioxidants and less sugar.

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