5 Exercise Motivation Hacks for Plus Size People

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It can be hard to tap into exercise motivation when you feel like you are the only plus size person at your exercise studio. Take heart. You are not alone. Even if you were, these are 5 hacks to keep in mind that will make it easier to work out until you close in on your weight loss target.

Find a Plus Size Program: Search online for exercise classes and facilities designed for people trying to lose significant amounts of weight. Ask your gym to consider starting specialized offerings if they don’t already have them on the schedule. Find a workout partner with similar goals so you can support each other.

Treat Yourself to Rewards Now: Forget about waiting until you reach your final goals to pat yourself on the back. Set short term objectives and give yourself kudos all along the way with an exotic piece of fruit or a pretty hair band.

Inspire Others: Feel good knowing that your example helps others to realize that fitness is for everyone. Your most important audience may be your kids who will learn to make better health choices.

Burn More Calories: You use up more energy performing the same activities compared to someone who weighs less than you. It’s like knowing you’re getting paid more per hour.

Celebrate Dramatic Results: No one else is going to notice when some yoga devotee holds her side crow pose for an additional few seconds. On the other hand, family and friends will be rushing to congratulate you as you shed excess weight and improve your health. Best of all, you’ll delight yourself with the amazing progress you can see right before your eyes. Then, you can look for ways to motivate yourself to maintain your new figure.

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