5 Fun Exercises You Can Do in Your Bathtub

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Bath fun exercise

Fun exercise should not require you to have to get out of your nice warm bath. Hang out in your tub while you do these 5 moves that are good for your whole body.

Actually, any place with a little water will do. You can draw a bath or head outdoors. Some of these exercises will work just as well in the shallow end of a pool or wading a few inches into the ocean. Just relax and enjoy the water while you work out.

Of course, safety counts. Make sure your tub isn’t slippery or get a mat. Better yet, get all whimsical with dolphin or flower shaped decals. Don’t use bath products in the water if you’re going to be dipping your head under. Then, let the games begin.

Push ups or planks: Both of these standards provide strength training for your arms, shoulders and core. You can use variations to make them harder like raising one leg.

Seated side bends: As a bonus, warm water is great for limbering up cold muscles. You may discover that you can stretch further than you ever have before. One good way to get started is with a gentle waist bend. Lift one arm over your head and lean to the opposite side. Repeat on the other side.

Shoulder presses: Powerful shoulders enhance your posture and make daily activities easier. Use dumbbells or anything around the house like water bottles. Hold one in each hand. Raise and lower your arms up above your head and down. Keep the movements smooth.

Tricep presses: Work the backs of your arms. Hold a weight with both hands with your elbows bent and your arms raised over your head. Move it up and down smoothly.

Bicep curls: Give equal time to the front muscles. Grab one dumbbell and bring your hand toward your face. Repeat on both sides.

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