5 Tips for Celebrity Style Exercise Motivation

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Building up your exercise motivation could make you feel glamorous as well as healthy. Living a long and healthy life is the most important thing, but there is no reason you can’t indulge in a little fantasy to help keep you stoked along the way.

Try these celebrity style incentives. They may not get you a movie deal but they will make doing side bends seem more fun:

Dress up: You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Bring a silk wrap to yoga class for the cool down poses. Buy a trendy pair of running shoes.

Decorate your exercise area: Maybe you don’t feel like exercising because your rowing machine is in an unfinished basement that looks like a dungeon. Hang some fabric on the wall and set out a few plants.

Work with a trainer: Maybe you have room in your budget for a few sessions with a trainer. If not, ask a friend who works out to give you a few pointers and thank her by taking her out to lunch afterwards.

Enjoy spa treatments: Book an appointment at a fancy salon or give yourself a facial at home. Paint your toenails a pretty color and deep condition your hair. Practice a little aromatherapy with energizing mint or calming lavender. Make being good to yourself a habit.

Eat something exotic: Personal chefs are pricey, but you can feast on seasonal produce and learn new recipes for seafood dishes and smoothies. You’ll race through your workout knowing you have a glass of mango and coconut milk waiting for you. For maximum star power, drink it by a pool or at least put on your sunglasses.

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