5 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child with Fun Exercise from Your Childhood

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hula hoop

Let’s face it: when you’re an adult, sometimes exercise is more of a chore than something you do for fun. But remember when you were a kid, and you looked forward to going outside to play? Back then, recess was the best part of the day. It’s time to get back to those days when exercise was play, and something to do for fun. Here are five ways to relive your childhood and put some fun exercise into your life.

1. Hula hoop

Pick up a hula hoop and get ready to have some fun! Use your hips to keep the hoop off the ground. It might take a little effort to get into a groove, but once you get the hang of it, this activity is great for both developing coordination and working your core muscles.

2. Kickball

Find some friends or neighborhood kids for this fun group activity. All you need is a ball and some room to plan out the bases (shrubs and trees make great options). Split up into teams if you have enough people, or just take turns at the “plate.” One person is designated as the pitcher to roll the ball toward the kicker, and others can play the outfield and bases. Keep score if you want to make it a friendly competition, or you can be low key and just enjoy the game. Either way, you’ll be getting a good workout and having fun at the same time.

3. Tag

This classic kids’ game doesn’t require any equipment and only needs a handful of people. One person is “it,” and has the goal of tagging someone else to hand off the role. Since this game involves lots of running (either chasing or being chased), it’s a great way to get your heart rate up.

4. Monkey around on the playground

Visit a local park and use the playground equipment. Monkey bars help build upper body strength as you make your way across or simply hang from the bars. The swings help build your leg strength and especially your core as you pump your legs to swing higher. And going down the slide… well, that’s just plain fun!

5. Hopscotch

Grab some chalk and draw a hopscotch course on your driveway or sidewalk. Toss a rock or small beanbag into one of the numbered squares, and then hop your way through the course while avoiding the square where the object landed. This activity is perfect for working on your balance, with the side benefit of strengthening your core and getting your heart rate up.

Try just one of these activities, or incorporate several into your exercise routine. You might just find yourself looking forward to exercising, and you’re sure to put more fun into your day.

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