7 Instant Stress Zappers to Improve Your Health and Fitness

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The greatest obstacle to your health and fitness may surprise you. Daily stress could be undermining your good intentions more than you think.

Many studies show that stress is on the rise, and its effects are dramatic. If you’re getting frequent headaches or feeling down in the dumps, stress could be to blame. It’s responsible for many physical ailments because it causes chronic inflammation in our body tissues. It also impacts our moods.

On the other hand, managing stress will give you more energy to hit the gym and tackle all the challenges in your daily life. Start zapping your worries away:

Laugh more: Laughter is the best medicine. Watch a funny movie or pin up cartoons around your cubicle. Stay on the alert for funny events during the day and share the stories you collect with your family and friends.

Slow down: Multitasking actually reduces productivity when it comes to complex tasks. Prioritize your goals and stick to a realistic schedule.

Connect with nature: Humans used to spend a lot more time outdoors. Visit Mother Nature to recharge your batteries. Take a walk or have your morning coffee out in your backyard.

Breathe deeply: Full breaths bring more oxygen to your brain and other organs. Time your exhalations to match your inhalations. Imagine you are breathing out all your nagging concerns and breathing in refreshing light.

Stretch out: Check for tight spots in your body where stress is literally crunching you up. Warm up with a bath or a little exercise. Then treat your hamstrings to a nice stretch.

Get a hobby: Knitting will soothe you better than watching TV. Do things that engage your mind and hands.

Hug your friends: Bring more love into your life. Invite a friend over or make a regular date night with your spouse.

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