5 Fun Exercises: Naked CrossFit and More

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naked yoga

Naked CrossFit may be your idea of fun exercise if you like to bare it all. Recent headlines from Denmark about a CrossFit class without clothing got us thinking about these 5 workout ideas for the ultimate fitness buff.

First off, we’re sorry to say that Naked CrossFit started out as an April Fool’s joke. The Spartan Mentality gym was so surprised by all the attention their gag received that they briefly tried the idea out for real. That just proved how you kind of need clothing for a lot of activities you do in public. On the other hand, these are some safer ways to break out your birthday suit.

Nude yoga: You can practice yoga at home in the nude or find nude yoga classes all over the world. After all, you’re barefoot anyway.

Skinny dipping: Who can forget how good the water feels on bare skin on a summer night in a swimming pool or out in a lake? It’s relatively discreet if it’s dark and you wait to take your suit off until after you’re in the water. Of course, you want to be someplace where it’s legal.

Pole dancing: While it’s a job for some people who take it all off, you can find plenty of pole dancing classes that let you keep your clothes on if you want. Once you master the steps, maybe you want to be more daring in the privacy of your home.

Golf: Yes, there are international societies for nude golf. As long as you wear sunscreen and shoes it seems more comfortable than running and jumping without any support.

Nude videos: If you don’t even like disrobing at the doctor’s office, the internet may be your best option for experimenting with nude exercise. YouTube and other websites have a wide range of videos. Really wide. 

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