7 Easy Steps for Making Inline Skating Part of Your Fitness Game

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If treadmills bore you, try toning your legs the fast and fun way by making inline skating part of your fitness game. Rollerblading is not just for kids. It is a great workout for adults too so take a look at these 7 ideas for getting started.

Understanding the health benefits of inline skating: Skating burns as many calories as running and puts less stress on your joints. It’s also great for your heart. Plus, you can shape and strengthen your whole lower body.

Finding an instructor: If you’re a complete beginner, you may want to start with a class. You could save yourself a lot of falls and improve your form. A local skate shop or the Skate Instructors Association can steer you in the right direction.

Conditioning your body: The most important factors are balance and lower body strength. Skating will build up your muscles quickly or you can speed things up by doing squats and lunge. Practice standing on one foot or do yoga tree poses to become more steady.

Knowing what to wear: Protective gear is essential. Suit up with a helmet, wrist guards, and knee and shoulder pads.

Arranging a place to skate: Parks and trails are ideal. If there’s nothing suitable in your area, a parking lot will do.

Staying safe: Follow the rules of the road. You skate on the right and pass on the left. Yield to pedestrians and let people ahead of you know that you’re passing on the left.

Becoming more advanced: Gradually increase the length of your skating sessions. You may want to start with about 15 minutes and work your way up to an hour. Bending at the waist and going up hill also adds to the challenge.

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