9 Signs You are Rocking Your Fitness App

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9 Signs

These are 9 signs that you are on track for a thinner and better future.

Your clothes fit better. One of the quickest rewards for losing weight is looking better. Your elastic pants won’t have to stretch so far. Heck, you may say goodbye to elastic waistbands forever and buy yourself a smaller belt.

People keep telling you how good you look. Who doesn’t love compliments? Just smile when people tell you that you look younger or want to know if you’re doing something different.

You have more energy. You may be amazed at how much more productive you become when you carry less weight.

You feel happier. Looking and feeling better will also boost your confidence and brighten your mood.

You sleep better. Being overweight increases your risk for snoring and other sleep disturbances. Enjoy better quality rest.

You get a raise. Okay, you may have to be patient, but studies show that overweight people tend to earn less over their lifetime. Maintaining a healthy body weight could help you get a new job or move up the corporate ladder.

Your doctor approves. Are you tired of your doctor warning you about your cholesterol or having to manage your diabetes? Imagine how much more pleasant your next check up will be if you’ve already lost weight.

You are ready to climb mountains. Don’t be surprised if reaching your weight loss goals inspires you to tackle other challenges. Maybe you’ll start a new relationship or go back to school.

You want to exercise. The biggest surprise of all may be how your attitude about exercise changes. You’ll start looking forward to going to the gym.

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