Fun Exercise: 9 Ways to Put TV Commercial Breaks to Good Use

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TV commercials aren’t so bad when you use them for a little fun exercise. Try these 9 ideas for putting those breaks to good use.

Maybe you rely on your DVR to protect you from getting too familiar with Flo from Progressive. There are probably still times when you watch some shows live.

In fact, when you think about the dangers of prolonged sitting, you’ll want to create your own pauses to get moving occasionally during any episodes of binge viewing: 

Jump rope: Not many exercises can beat jumping rope for burning calories, but it’s hard to sustain that kind of intensity for long. If you’re a beginner, you can practice skipping without a rope until you get the hang of it. Work up to lifting both feet off the ground at once.

Hula Hoop: Pull your old Hula Hoop out of the garage or buy a new one. Swing your hips or try some new moves by spinning the hoop around on your arm or legs.

Planks: The yoga variation of a push up is a great quick exercise. Throw in a side plank while you’re at it.

Push-ups: Don’t forget standard pushups. Keep your knees on the floor until you’re strong enough to go all the way.

Sun salutations: They’re not just for mornings. This popular cycle targets your whole body including forward bends that are a great antidote to sitting for too long.

Squats: Shape up your buttocks. Go as low as you can with good form.

Leg circles: Lie on your back and circle your legs. This Pilates favorite tones your legs and abs.

Leg lifts: It’s another great workout for legs and abs. Lie on your back and lower one or both legs slowly to the floor.

Shoulder presses: Grab your dumbbells to work your upper body. Shoulder presses make a great starter for improving your posture.

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