Health and Fitness: 5 Free Places To Exercise Besides Your Living Room

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Maybe you can’t afford a pricey gym and you’re tired of looking at your living room wallpaper while you do leg lifts. Try relocating your health and fitness workouts to another free destination. These are 5 ideas to get you started.

Neighborhood park: You may find a variety of amenities in addition to the usual jogging path. Do chin ups on the monkey bars in the playground. Play a set on the tennis courts. Swim laps in the pool. Sink a shot on the basketball court. Ask around to see if you can join a group for organized volunteer clean ups or start a program of your own.

School campuses: Many universities and other schools allow public use of their grounds for non-commercial purposes. Check on the policies at your local institutions. Then enjoy the stadium and green spaces.

Conference rooms: Smart employers know that workers who stay active are happier and more productive. They may even have fewer sick days and lower insurance costs. Ask your boss or HR department about the possibility of using the break room at lunch time or before and after business hours.

Shopping malls: Mall walking may never become an Olympic sport, but it’s still a great way to stick to your exercise resolutions no matter what the weather. Of course, you may be tempted to buy a new sweater that you see in a shop window. Think of it as returning the favor for being able to use the facilities.

Public libraries: Libraries provide much more than books. Browse the calendar to find free classes for yoga or square dancing. As a bonus, you’ll get to meet your neighbors and bring home something to read.

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